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The power of the situation

I’ve started a number of Coursera courses, but often find myself losing interest part-way through, or not having enough time to keep up with all the work. One course that has kept me interested though is the recent Social Psychology course … Continue reading

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Does inspiration strike like lightning?

The ‘Eureka’ moment – a lone man experiencing a sudden flash of inspiration out of nowhere, and solving a tricky puzzle – is an attractive idea, and one that’s embedded in our culture’s images of crazy scientists and inventors. Yet, … Continue reading

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My ‘to-read’ pile

My to-read pile is very short at the moment, but I’m slowly working my way through these books: The Information, James Gleick A history of information and the way it’s changed our lives. Black Swan, Nassim Taleb Nothing to do … Continue reading

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What’s so great about a smartwatch?

So, Samsung and Sony have both announced new smartwatches at this year’s IFA. Samsung has called theirs a “fashion icon”, but I’m immediately put in mind of the original Casio calculator watch. The one that all the boys in primary school got … Continue reading

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African talking drums

Next on my pile of books to read is “The Information”, by James Gleick, a birthday present from my brother. The first chapter talks about African talking drums, which were once used to transmit messages from village to village, enabling … Continue reading

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My reading list

With two small children, I don’t get as much time for reading as I once did.  But, here are some books that I’ve found interesting over time. Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson An interesting discussion of what’s needed … Continue reading

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