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Science and Engineering Gifts for Toddlers

There’s been a lot written lately about how toys are turning girls off science and engineering from a young age. The recent move towards wall-to-wall pink for our daughters is depressing, and plenty has been written on the subject, such … Continue reading

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Wearable technology and the internet of things

“Wearable Technology” and “The Internet of Things” are two related ideas promising to become big trends in the next few years. Wearable technology means mini-computers embedded into things we wear like glasses or watches, while the internet of things is … Continue reading

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Scientists prove what we’ve known all along!

Every few weeks, a science news headline comes along – ‘Scientists prove what we’ve known all along!‘. This week’s offering is that men’s and women’s brains are wired differently, thus justifying stereotypes about women being more emotional while men can … Continue reading

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Why all the hype about big data?

The amount of data in the world is doubling every 2 years, but we are still at the very beginning of a huge explosion in information.  Research firm ICD forecast that by 2020, 40 zettabytes of data will have been … Continue reading

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