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Data science on the command line

There are just a few linux command line tools that I use many times a day! less for checking the contents of files, verifying you’ve got the right output or input format, quickly examining data grep for searching within files, especially … Continue reading

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Science and engineering gifts for young kids: 2014 edition

I wrote about science and engineering gifts last year, but now we’re all a year older and wiser it’s time to look around for more ideas.I’ve found that there are plenty of science and construction kits around for older kids, but … Continue reading

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Best books for pre-school girls

My 3.5 year old daughter loves reading books, but it can sometimes be hard to find great stories. Traditional fairytales are full of wicked stepmothers, spineless fathers and helpless princesses, while other stories are full of brave boys and girls who dream … Continue reading

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Working remotely

Recently I started a new job, and it’s taken a while to get to grips with the new ways of working that come with switching role. The team I now belong to is a global one, stretched across 6 locations and 4 timezones. … Continue reading

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Visualising waveforms with Python and Bokeh

I’ve recently been playing with the Bokeh Python library for visualisation. One thing I end up trying to do more often than I should is trying to draw waveforms for talks and presentations. Turns out that Bokeh is great for this! Here’s a … Continue reading

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Machine learning in practice

In the last week of my old job, I saw a talk from one of Facebook’s Engineers about how they use machine learning in practice. His talk boiled down to 4 points: More data, better quality data: spend time collecting … Continue reading

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Language Models

Language models assign probability to sequences of words. They have many applications, including machine translation, smartphone typing, information retrieval, though I’m familiar with them through speech recognition. For many years, the probabilities of N-Grams – that’s words or sequences of … Continue reading

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